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4 Yummy Breakfast in Bed Ideas for the Weekend


One of our favourite parts of the weekend!


Whether its Soccer AM or Sunday Brunch you’re watching on the TV, the perfect breakfast accompaniment is key to kicking off and rounding up the weekend.


Some of these recipes can be made the night before… whether you can resist eating them before bed is another story…

Big Kids


Pudding for breakfast, anyone?


Now we’re old enough to decide what we eat and when, surely we’re allowed to start the day with dessert.


Quite frankly, the idea does seem appealing.


Make the recipe >> Kiwi Breakfast Cake



Fancy something positively decadent?


Soft bread slathered with creamy spread and topped with delicious smoked salmon, or beef and crisp onions if you prefer – this one’s perfect for brunch.


Make the recipe >> Smoked Salmon Smørrebrød

Thrill Seekers


It’s something to behold. Pure bliss.


If you’ve never experienced the combination of pancake, banana, bacon and maple syrup, you’ve not lived.


It might sound like it shouldn’t work, but it does! 


Make the recipe >> Banana Pancakes with Bacon & Syrup

Can’t Be Bothered


Need a no nonsense, quick and simple, I’m starving but can’t be bothered to make it breakfast idea?


This one can be mostly prepared the day before and made with minimal effort in the morning.


Only four ingredients needed. Job done.


Make the recipe >> Eggs In Clouds 


No matter what you’re plans are this weekend, make some time to rest and relax with some of your favourite foods in bed.


Bon Appetit!


What are your favourite breakfast in bed recipes? Leave your comments below.


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