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A bed never quite feels complete without a headboard. Our designs range from the latest full height styles, to those with a simple traditional feel and strutted fixings. All in our luxurious range of fabrics.

Strut Headboards

Sonnet 1 - Headboards

Sonnet Strut

decostrut - Headboards

Deco Strut

Orient Strut 1 1 - Headboards

Orient Strut

Andalucia Strut 1 - Headboards

Andalucia Strut

Mackintosh Strut 1 - Headboards

Mackintosh Strut

Nouveau Strut 1 - Headboards

Nouveau Strut

Tiffany Strut 1 - Headboards

Tiffany Strut

Full Height Headboards

Deco Deep 1 - Headboards

Deco Deep

Andalucia Deep 1 - Headboards

Andalucia Deep

Mackintosh Deep 1 - Headboards

Mackintosh Deep

Nouveau 1 - Headboards

Nouveau Deep

Tiffany 1 - Headboards

Tiffany Deep

Liberty - Headboards

Liberty Deep

Lalique Deep 1 - Headboards

Lalique Deep

Gaudi - Headboards

Gaudi Deep

Courvoisier Deep - Headboards

Courvoisier Deep

Henley Angled 1 1 - Headboards

Henley Deep

London 1 - Headboards

London Deep

Oxford 1 - Headboards

Oxford Deep

Brenchley 1 - Headboards

Brenchley Deep

Claverton 1 - Headboards

Claverton Deep

Williamsburg 1 - Headboards

Williamsburg Deep


Our carefully selected fabrics add the detail to every Bespoke Collection bed. Each bed can be upholstered in a contemporary textile from one of our seven collections. Beautiful textures, a subtle colour palette and delicate designs mean we can tailor the look as well as the comfort of your bed.


Africa Swatches labels - Headboards


linseed Swatches - Headboards


lux Swatches - Headboards

St. Ives

stives Swatches - Headboards

Tudor House*

tudor Swatches - Headboards


tundra Swatches - Headboards

*The fabrics within this family benefit from Aqua Clean Technology.

Please note that fabrics may be subject to change from time to time as we introduce new fabric options to the range. Please refer to the swatch book instore for exact colour references.

Cleaning the easy way


We understand that your bed will go through a lot during its life. Its for that reason that we wanted to provide you with a solution to keep it in pristine condition. Introducing Aqua Clean. Aqua Clean provides a protective layer enabling you to simply wipe away any marks or stains using a few droplets of water.


Using a damp cloth you can remove accidental marks from your headboard and divan base. Fabrics that have been treated with Aqua Clean allow you to clean away ink, shoe polish, coffee and even scuff marks.

Logo AquaCleanTecno - Headboards

Need something


Despite what other mattress companies may say, one size does not fit all and as a manufacturer no one understands this better than us.  We all live in different houses, drive different cars and wear different clothes and guess what – sleep on different mattresses.


This is because we are all different and have different requirements when it comes to beds and mattresses. The choice and possibilities are endless and we can tailor our products to your requirements, why not get in touch and let us help you design your perfect nights sleep.