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May 24

5 Ways Sleep Deprivation Negatively Impacts Mental Health

Sleep is an important process which enables our bodies to go about repairing themselves, both mentally and physically, by cleansing the body of waste built up during the day. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that sleep and health are closely related; poor sleep increases the risk of poor health and poor health can make it harder to sleep.

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May 29

4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Sleep Quality

4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Sleep Quality HELEN WAKEFIELD With over half of the world’s population not getting the recommended amount of sleep each night, the impact of sleep deprivation on our health is at an all time high. A lack of good quality sleep can exacerbate existing illnesses and cause the onset of […]

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July 10

Top 5 Sleep Enhancing Apps (+ 1 Bonus App Just For Fun!)

Top 5 Sleep Enhancing Apps  (+1 just for fun!) HELEN WAKEFIELD Nowadays there’s an app for everything and improving the quality of our sleep is no exception. But how are we supposed to know which ones actually work? We decided to spend some time doing the testing to see which apps genuinely helped us to […]

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July 18

4 Yummy Breakfast in Bed Ideas for the Weekend

4 Yummy Breakfast in Bed Ideas for the Weekend HELEN WAKEFIELD One of our favourite parts of the weekend!   Whether its Soccer AM or Sunday Brunch you’re watching on the TV, the perfect breakfast accompaniment is key to kicking off and rounding up the weekend.   Some of these recipes can be made the […]

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July 25

Infographic – 6 Ways Sleep Deprivation Affects Health

6 Ways Sleep Deprivation Affects Health HELEN WAKEFIELD Just how bad is sleep deprivation? Not getting enough Zzzzz’s affects our mind and body in many damaging ways.      The longest time (on record) anyone has ever stayed awake for is 18 days (in a rocking chair competition in 1977…). At this point the body is […]

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August 9

Wow’s Top 3 Favourite Books To Read In Bed​

Wow’s Top 3 Favourite Books to Read in Bed HELEN WAKEFIELD In celebration of Book Lovers Day, the Wow team are sharing some of our favourite books that we’ve enjoyed reading lately.   Best consumed whilst in bed, preferably along with a bacon butty and a coffee on a lazy Sunday morning, our top 3 […]