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3 Pillow Mists Scientifically Proven to Help You Sleep Better


We are currently experiencing a sleep deprivation epidemic – 66% of adults throughout the world are unable to achieve the amount of sleep recommended each night.


Just a third (33%) of Brits say they fall asleep without much difficulty and manage to stay asleep.


So, could pillow mists actually help us to drift off easier and get a better night’s sleep?


We’ve looked at three pillow sprays that have been specially formulated with powerful aromatherapy ingredients to help improve sleep quality – each brand has carried out their own studies and gathered the results to prove it. *



* Please note we are in no way affiliated with any of these brands – the opinions here are entirely our own.


1. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works



It does what it says on the tin – This Works created their spray-on oil with a blend of sleep-hormone encouraging lavender, vetiver, camphor, and patchouli to help us nod off into a deep sleep and stay there. Lavender is proven to stimulate alpha waves in the brain which help us to relax and unwind.


A study was conducted of 100 subjects that used this pillow spray – 97% of those tested slept better, with 89% falling asleep faster and 98% feeling more refreshed in the morning.


See the results of their independent testing here >> This Works Clinical Studies


2. Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist by Neom



This complex blend of 14 all natural, mind-massaging essential oils is another organic concoction with proven results. Featuring calming lavender, soothing camomile and relaxing patchouli, the combination of therapeutic oils creates an idyllic and dreamy sleeping environment.


The NEOM Sleep Programme is available for all to try on their site – the programme officially tested the pillow mist in 2015 and found their sleeping aid helped 88% of users to have a better night’s sleep.


Try out the Neom Sleep Programme here >> Neom Sleep Trials


3. Relaxing Pillow Mist by L’Occitane



Since 1976, when rosemary was first distilled by their founder, essential oils have been at the heart of L’Occitane’s research, creating formulas proven to provide a better night’s sleep.


The relaxing pillow mist contains purifying frankincense, sweet orange to reduce anxiety, patchouli and lavender to relax the body, and lapis lazuli to clear negative energy and thoughts, helping to keep you grounded whilst creating a soothing sensation and promoting a peaceful night’s sleep.


The effectiveness of its ingredients is proven through lab tests and clinical consumer studies carried out by independent institutes.


Around 1,200 clinical and sensory tests have been conducted, ensuring that the relaxing pillow mist is both effective and enjoyable.


Read more about their testing and what’s in their formula’s here >> Formulation Charter

Pillow mists and sprays are proven to work because they produce sleep inducing hormones – aromas cause our bodies to produce melatonin, a hormone which promotes restful sleep. Numerous studies have been conducted confirming lavender’s use as an all-natural sedative, while chamomile has been shown to curb anxiety and depression.


Regular use of pillow mists also triggers a good habit – a cue to get our body and mind to associate a specific scent with falling asleep.


Have you used a pillow spray or mist before? How has it worked for you? Leave your comments below.


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