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Pressed and rolled

hybrid Mattress

The perfect combination of comfort and support.


Combining two key elements

About the Hybrid Mattress...

Welcome to Wow’s first pressed and rolled mattress!


Our new mattress machine presses and rolls this innovative new mattress,

making it compact enough so it can be shipped quickly and handled with ease on delivery.

The Hybrid mattress offers a perfect combination of comfort and support with a

careful balance of springs and foam. 


Sleep on your new Hybrid Mattress in just four easy steps.


Step 1: Unpack
Step 2: Roll Out
Step 3: Wait 3-4 Hrs
Step 4: Enjoy 💤



Encapsulated with foam walls for added comfort, the Hybrid mattress uses the latest in foam development to ensure perfect harmony when combined with our full height pocket springs.


As well as the all important foam, we use a 150mm full height pocket spring at the core of every Hybrid mattress to give our customers what they need to achieve the perfect alignment. Each coil is highly responsive to even the smallest changes in weight distribution, body shape and sleeping patterns, providing a comfortable night’s sleep night after night. 


We deliver the mattress pressed and rolled for easy delivery to your door. It’s easy to manoeuvre on your own – just remove it from the packaging, put it on the bed and watch it rise.

Come and See Us!

Try before you buy at our local bed showroom in Bradford. There’s no pressure – lie down on the beds and try them out for as long as you like.